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What a Thermos Can Teach You

File Feb 24, 7 12 39 PMOn Saturday I ordered my son a new lunch thermos. Lo and behold, on Monday morning before we made his lunch, that lovely Amazon box was sitting on my front porch! Miraculous!

We eagerly opened it up and my heart sank as I realized that it was the wrong color. That might be over dramatizing, but I did have a moment of, “Wait, this isn’t what I ordered!” (even though it turns out that it was exactly what I’d ordered). Now, we’re not talking red vs. yellow. We’re talking such a dark navy blue that I had to promise my son I knew it was navy and not black and he should just believe me despite his insistence that it was black. I know it’s navy because there were two colors available, a glossy navy and a matte black. And this was glossy as all get out.

Aside from just looking cooler, the matte version wouldn’t look smudged and dirty every time you touched it. I had a dilemma. Go to the hassle of returning it and getting the right one, or live with it. My son is totally fine with it. He likes it. He wants to keep it. After all, a thermos in hand is worth two in the far away distribution center. I’m mildly annoyed. I want the one I wanted to begin with.

We have a two week window of bat-shit-crazy schedules due to an upcoming competition and several other stressors adding pressure. The bottom line is, I need more freedom and space in my life, not more tasks and details to juggle.

I’m choosing to let this one go. Good-bye cool looking matte black thermos. Hello shiny, glossy new friend. Not only will I let go of my need to make this situation live up to my expectations, I’m not going to let it bug me every time I see it. That’s a fairly tempting response actually, but wouldn’t be really letting the issue go, now would it? Nope. Do you hear me convincing myself?

let-goInstead of being a constant irritant, I’m going to let it remind me every day that I need to choose to let go of the things that are just clutter. Physical things, yes, that’s a whole different project for this year. But also emotional things. Mental things. The things that don’t really matter. Let go of them. I need as much freedom and space in my heart, mind and schedule as I can get right now. Choosing to let the unimportant things go is one way to expand what I have.

How would your day change if you chose to let go of what really doesn’t matter? What would be different?

Here’s to warm lunches and one less detail to worry about!