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spare-a-square-logoRA recent diagnosis of the return of cancer has my friend Shea in battle mode again after being cancer-free for 10 years. She needs a project to work on while undergoing treatment in the upcoming months and has always wanted to make a quilt that included some of her father’s old denim.

We decided now is the time.

We know she has a ton of friends who would love to help her during treatment in a tangible way and we thought if would be great fun to have you join us in this project by sending fabric to be used in her quilt.

When it’s all said and done, she’ll be able to feel wrapped up in our love in a very real way.

If you’d like to participate, here’s how:

  1. arrow1Click this link to register and I’ll send you to a page with detailed instructions (it’s easy…send some fabric and a note and we’ll take care of the rest…but we didn’t want to make her address public)
  2. Watch for project updates here on my blog, on facebook via Shea and with the hashtag #spareasquareforshea

If you’re local and would like to join us to work on the quilt, keep an eye out for dates to be announced later. We want to see how treatments get scheduled and how she feels before committing, but we’d love to put a pot of soup on and have you hang out with us to cut, prep, sew or just be good company!

This quilt from Blue Elephant Stitches is the inspiration for Shea’s quilt. Jolene has beautiful work and has graciously allowed me to share her version of the quilt. You can read about hers here.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email any time!