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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert [1/100]

Book-1-of-100-big-magicThe beginning of a new year and a new challenge to myself. 100 books in a year! Think I can do it? Come along and see! I’m going to list them here for you with three observations about each book so you’ll be able to watch my progress and see what the books are about. The first book is “in the books” and it was Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. An assignment from Lifestyle coach extraordinaire, Desha Peacock of Sweet Spot Style, I’m really glad I read it. While I don’t (ever) agree with everything she says, I love her writing style and she did have some big ideas for me to think about.

Three thoughts:

  • Treat fear as a necessary traveler on your journey, allowed to give input and opinions, but never allowed to make decisions. And never. Ever. Allowed to drive. This is a fantastic analogy. Teach this to your kids!
  • Treat your creativity as a precious lover. Take care of it. Steal away to meet it. Love on it. But don’t expect it to take care of you in return (You take care of you). In some ways I appreciate this idea immensely. I look at my creativity as something to be nurtured and cared for now. BUT, on the other hand, I’ve had enough one-sided relationships in my world already. I’m not sure I need another!
  • The idea of living a curiosity-driven life–stepping from one interesting idea, project, person or place to another–meandering, exploring and seeing where curiosity leads¬†without the guilt and pressure of the need to settle in to “one thing” and be rooted deeply there for the rest of my days…this is a freeing concept for me. That there is value created in that kind of life.