What a Thermos Can Teach You


On Saturday I ordered my son a new lunch thermos. Lo and behold, on Monday morning before we made his lunch, that lovely Amazon box was sitting on my front porch! Miraculous! We eagerly opened it up and my heart sank as I realized that it was the wrong color. That might be over dramatizing, …

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Lincoln Was A Failure and Make Trouble Your Jam


Lincoln was a failure. He failed so well that he was one of our best Presidents. He certainly faced as much difficulty, opposition and trouble in office as any other. I’ve received a few meaningful awards in my life and they probably aren’t the ones you’d expect. There are three that hold a special place …

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Notice the Moments


One of the things I’m working on this year is becoming more present, more engaged in the moment and with life (check out this post when you get a minute for a fantastic explanation of exactly how I feel). I don’t spend much time in the past, but it’s very easy for my goal-driven, born-planner/dreamer …

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